Testimonials of the high quality standards we have achieved in the production and processing processes.

Paimex certifications

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certification guarantees Paimex’s ability to supply reliable products and services on a continuous basis which all meet the requirements requested by customers, highlighting our commitment to the continuous search for improvement.

Paimex certifications

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 certification guarantees the concrete commitment of Paimex to minimizing the environmental impact of processes, products and services, defining concrete objectives that comply with the Environmental Management System.

Paimex certifications


The SA 8000 certification guarantees an efficient management of Paimex’s corporate aspects related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Paimex certifications


The FSC certification guarantees that the wood and paper used by the company come from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected, ensuring their traceability.

Paimex adhesions


Project supported by Greenpeace to which Paimex has adhered with pleasure, which ensures a corporate system where it is possible to monitor and track any contamination of materials.

Certified facilities


We issue certified tests on finished products and/or materials if requested by the customer.

We periodically carry out our internal tests with accredited laboratories to guarantee the quality of the raw material.