Paimex produces fabric packaging with an excellent price-quality ratio, in a wide range of designs produced in-house in Italy by highly specialised master craftsmen with top quality raw materials and numerous production techniques. The couture quality of the product and service is our distinguishing feature.

Paimex is founded

In a 25 sq.m. garage

Added space and machinery

200 sq.m. more for new machinery and inventories

Structural expansion

600 sq.m. more for expansion of the production department and warehouse

New 2000 sq.m. office

Investments in new production technology and logistics services

Paimex grows

Increased workforce, raw materials inventory expansion and expanded production capacity

The new levers

Giacomo and Gabriele Papini join the company and begin a renewal cycle

Paimex improves further

Sustainability-driven systems certification and upgrading paths begin

ISO 9001

Paimex is ISO 9001 certified

ISO 14001

Paimex is ISO 14001 certified

SA 8000

Paimex is SA 8000 certified

ZDHC Programme

Paimex joins the ZDHC Programme

A new role

Lawyer Denise Papini becomes brand contracting manager


Paimex is FSC certified


Paimex is GOTS and GRS certified

Paimex expands again

New 2000 sq.m. logistics building


WeWe lovelove thingsthings thatthat areare wellwell made.made. NoNo mattermatter what.what. The Paimex business culture stems from a love for all things beautiful, based on research into excellence and focused on the details. Environmental sustainability and social responsibility along the entire production chain are at the heart of how we do business. The specialist skills acquired in over forty years of business are combined with a passion and willingness to provide customers with support in satisfying their needs, in solving problems and in guaranteeing constant quality.


WeWe areare anan integralintegral partpart ofof thethe fashionfashion industryindustry becausebecause wewe thinkthink andand actact inin harmonyharmony withwith In addition to product and service quality, what makes us stand out from the rest is our capacity to proactively interpret market needs. Our production proposals and scheduled logistics, circular economy projects and many other technical and commercial solutions go beyond satisfying mere production needs and have a positive impact on the customer’s management processes.

Paimex about plus
Paimex about plus
Paimex about plus
Paimex about plus

WeWe havehave thethe numbersnumbers toto bebe youryour mainmain partner.partner. After almost fifty years we are still growing because we work in synergy with the market. This is why we have the right technical skills, structural characteristics and corporate culture to be a point of reference for the development and production of luxury fabric packaging. This is why we are partner to many leading international brands.

• Over 20 million articles per year produced in-house in Italy
• Daily production capacity of more than 150,000 articles
• Over 150 qualified operators
• 7,000 sq.m. of indoor surface area
• Integrated logistics
• Constant technological innovation and ongoing skills training
• 6 certifications
• Photovoltaic self-generation of around 60% of the electricity
• Participation in enhancement initiatives for local areas
• Over 45 years of history
• Presence in 7 countries
• High-level customer retention