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For over forty years we have been pursuing a culture of fabric packaging to enhance the beauty and excellence of your products. If you’re here, you’re in the right place. We illuminate your ideas into modern classics.


Tote bags

Fabric bags for shopping...

Couture tote bags

Fabric bags for free time...

Dust bags

Fabric bags for footwear, leather goods, jewellery, accessories, etc.

Garment covers

Fabric garment covers and outerwear carriers...


Fabric bags with drawcord...

And many more

Everything you can imagine but made from fabric, made well, made for you...


TailorTailor Pack,Pack, SmartSmart PackPack ee TotalTotal Pack.Pack. Three different ways to provide a smart response to market needs. From tailor-made designs to capsule collections and coordinated multi-product packaging. Every customer idea results in high-level packaging.


/ Tailor Pack

Tailoring and a painstaking attention to detail, expert craftsmanship and the ability to interpret customer needs. The quantity is of no importance. What is important is the beauty and perfection of the packaging.

/ Smart Pack

With the expert hands of our workforce, the material inventories and processing waste from customers burst into life, transformed into splendid handcrafted articles, a perfect combination of taste and respect for the environment.

/ Total Pack

The complete, coordinated expression of a look in a range that includes every type of packaging. From tote bags to dust bags, garment covers to pouches, and every other product - all coordinated in terms of the materials, decoration and style.

/ Process

The Paimex Approach stems from many decades of experience gained with major brands in the fashion industry. A perfect mix of listening skills and production know-how, research into materials and design development, technical innovation and extreme attention to detail, quality control and integrated logistics.

Culture (kul’chuh) 1. The set of social skills held by an individual.

These days they call it know-how; we call it Daniela, Catia, Fabrizio, Rossana... It is know-how plus expertise and sensitivity, knowledge handed down through the generations and integrated by new technology. It is the unselfish industriousness of those who work with love and dedication.


ExperienceExperience andand expertexpert craftsmanshipcraftsmanship sincesince 1977.1977. We have always produced the highest quality fabric packaging in Italy for the fashion industry. We are not merely suppliers, but rather partners capable of solving every problem quickly, at the same time offering a high level of service and amazing production quality. Natural, artificial and synthetic fabrics are expertly processed in a vast range of options and configurations to guarantee products with excellent workmanship. Always focusing on customer objectives, always with sustainability in mind.


SustainabilitySustainability isis thethe highhigh roadroad toto thethe futurefuture forfor allall ofof The numerous certifications obtained confirm the focus we have always had on environmental, economic and social sustainability because, for us, this is a natural choice.