Our tote 'bugs' are not just shopping bags, but blank canvases ready to be decorated and carry your messages. An excellent means of communication that lasts over time thanks to the quality materials they are made of. An original capsule collection of durable and sustainable bags to showcase your brand with creativity and irony to your community.

Bug me!
Tote bags ( not bugs 🙂 ) are a smart and easy way to communicate your company’s brand, identity and values. With nearly fifty years of experience, Paimex can help you express your creativity and transform it from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Choose which ‘bug’ you want to be!
Make your own ironic and original capsule collection with Paimex
The bag conceived in this way is no longer a simple accessory, but a real trendy and identity-driven communication tool. An effective promotional tool, ideal as a gift for your clients.
  • High-quality materials. The tote bags produced by Paimex are made from environmentally sustainable materials such as recycled GRS cotton or organic GOTS, but also special fabrics with Tencel fibers, nettle, mint, bamboo and many others. You can also choose fine materials such as linen, silk and imperial satin or synthetic fabrics such as polyester, microfiber, mesh, nylon and viscose.
  • An impeccable façon. Tailoring and finishing departments are one of Paimex’s strengths. Perfect and durable stitching, great attention to details to boost the quality of your brand.
  • Perfect printing results. Our UV silkscreen, sublimation and digital printing will meet your every stylistic and quality need.
Packaging tote bags bug
Your creativity and our skills all in a bag
In this perspective, the tote bag becomes a canvas on which to paint your “stories” where Paimex is the right partner to assist you in the technical and stylistic development of your capsule collection. We have all the experience you need, the best production technologies and the necessary expertise. With Paimex, each bag is a travel companion, ready to be filled with stories and memories, and we are here to help you telling them.
Tote bags

Whether made of natural, organic, synthetic, man-made, or better yet, recycled fabric, a beautiful tote bag can make a difference. Stylish, practical, and functional, the fabric tote bag has become a must-have retail item today which thanks to its enduring use is playing an important role in sustainability.

Packaging tote bags
Packaging tote bags
Packaging tote bags
Perfect for grocery shopping, great for communicating
Tote bags can be used for a variety of occasions. From grocery shopping to work, from the gym to travel, they are a versatile and trendy accessory perfect for promoting your brand in an environmentally sustainable way. From the development of the pattern, the choice of materials, to the printing, behind every Paimex tote bag is the work of skilled hands that have been shaping fabric with care and dedication for nearly fifty years. A culture of making that expresses the best of Italian craftsmanship and makes Paimex the Italian reference point of the fashion system in the production of fabric packaging.
Packaging tote bags
Always beautiful, best if green, certainly durable
Silkscreen or digital, four-color or flat color printing method matters little, as long as it is perfect and visually striking to communicate the quality of your brand. With Paimex you can choose from a wide range of fabrics the one that best suits your budget, functionality and image needs. Structural accuracies to ensure strength and durability, perfect stitching and attention to details will make you stand out. Endless materials, patterns and prints to mix and match to tailor-made a packaging made on you.
Packaging tote bags

Paimex poches celebrate the preciousness of the objects they hold. We are not just talking about simple cases, but treasure chests of stories capable of carefully wrapping your products, such as jewelry, perfumes or other, preserving them over time and imparting preciousness.

Packaging pouches
Packaging pouches
Packaging pouches
The right shell for every pearl
Each Paimex pouch is born from a careful creative process that starts with the selection of the finest materials suited to the characteristics of the product it has to contain. Velvet, silk, satin and many other materials of the highest quality are crafted with artisan care to give life to tailor-made pouches. From minimal shapes to the most elaborate lines, every pattern and every detail is designed to make the pouch a perfect complement to the object it holds.
Packaging dust bags
Printing that lives up to expectations
Whether it is a full-color background or an embroidered foil or embossed logo, the printing is done with the utmost care for a flawless result. Each pouch thus becomes a small casket that holds a precious dream that begins with your creativity and is completed with our passion for craftsmanship. Paimex is always by your side to offer you customized solutions and a high level of service as we believe in the value of your brand and want to celebrate it with packaging of the highest quality it deserves.
Packaging dust bags
Packaging dust bags

Paimex stands out on the international scene for its mastery in fabric printing. The company boasts a unique combination of cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship skills that enable the production of the highest quality printing to meet every creative need.

Innovative technologies in the service of quality
Paimex has a modern and versatile fleet of machines that allows for different printing techniques to ensure maximum output on every type of fabric. Among them:
  • UV silkscreen printing: impeccable precision, down to a tenth of a millimeter. It allows for sharp, defined printing, even with complex colors, four-color, metallic, mirror and glitter effects. Brilliant colors thus seem to come out of the fabrics, ready to catch the eye. UV curing also ensures fast processing and greater durability.
  • Sublimation printing: ideal for reproducing complex photographic images and logos with the finest details. It allows for ad hoc, long-lasting printings that blend seamlessly with the fabric, creating a natural and unequaled effect. The end result is a perfect fabric without any relief, thickness or altered texture.
  • Digital printing: offers flexibility and speed in producing custom four-color prints, even in small quantities. Thanks to the use of water-based inks, Paimex guarantees excellent results that enhance the brand and leave a lasting impression.
Paimex production materials
Paimex production materials
From fabric to graphics: where printing becomes art
Machinery alone is not enough. In fact, we at Paimex are also well-known for the craftsmanship and professionalism of our printing technicians. Our long experience gained from thousands of prints made with multiple technologies and on the most different fabrics guarantees a flawless end result that reflects the care and passion we cultivate for our work. This is why we constantly invest in training and updating our staff, because we believe that true excellence is achieved only when technology is combined with human experience.
Paimex: the ideal partner for high-quality fabric printing
Our goal is to get prints that are not only aesthetically impeccable but also precisely tailored to our customers’ needs. That’s why we work closely with them throughout the process, and thanks to our unique combination of innovative technologies, craftsmanship skills and a personalized approach, we are the ideal partner for anyone looking for the highest quality printing on fabric. Whether printing a simple logo, an eye-catching all-over print or elaborate graphics, Paimex guarantees excellent results that enhance the brand and leave an indelible mark.

Paimex produces fabric packaging with an excellent quality/value ratio in a wide range of models, made entirely in Italy by highly skilled artisans, using valuable raw materials and multiple production techniques. Sartorial quality of product and service is our hallmark.

We love things done right. No matter what
Paimex’s corporate culture stems from a love of beauty, is founded on the pursuit of excellence and is focused on attention to details. Environmental sustainability and social responsibility throughout the production chain are at the heart of the way we do business. Our specialized skills gained in over forty years of work are combined with passion and willingness to support customers in meeting their needs, solving problems and ensuring consistency in quality. We have become an integral part of the fashion system because we think and act in tune with it. In addition to service and product quality what differentiates us is our ability to interpret market demands proactively. Our proposals for planned production and logistics, circular economy projects and many other technical-commercial solutions go beyond satisfying a mere production need and positively impact the customer’s management processes.
We have the numbers to be your main partner
After almost fifty years, operating in synergy with the market allows us to go on growing. Our technical skills, structural features and corporate culture made us the benchmark for the development and production of luxury fabric packaging to which many of the most important international brands rely on.
  • Over 20 million articles per year produced in-house in Italy
  • Daily production capacity of more than 150,000 articles
  • Over 150 qualified operators
  • 7,000 sq.m. of indoor surface area
  • Integrated logistics
  • Constant technological innovation and ongoing skills training
  • 6 certifications
  • Photovoltaic self-generation of around 60% of the electricity
  • Participation in enhancement initiatives for local areas
  • Over 45 years of history
  • Presence in 7 countries
  • High-level customer retention
Paimex _ Textile packaging couture
Paimex _ Textile packaging couture
Paimex _ Textile packaging couture