In-House Production

The beating heart of Paimex

In-house production is one of Paimex's strengths. It's in-house that all processing steps, from design to quality control, take place. This ensures maximum quality, flexibility and proactiveness in responding to the needs of fashion system customers.

Paimex 100% in-house
Total control, superior quality and flexibility
From design to manufacture, every stage of production takes place in-house. This allows us meticulous control over every detail, ensuring quality standards that exceed the highest expectations. In-house production makes us incredibly agile and responsive. We can adapt quickly to market demands, customize products and respond promptly to customer needs. In a fast-changing world, our flexibility is your competitive advantage.
Confidentiality guaranteed
In luxury fashion packaging, where details make all the difference, in-house production is a competitive advantage in terms of quality, flexibility and confidentiality. With Paimex, clients are assured that their projects are handled in total confidentiality, protecting creativity and exclusivity of their collections.
Innovation and sustainability
Producing in-house also means reducing environmental impact. Less transportation, less waste, more energy efficiency. Moreover, with the various production steps internalized, innovation becomes a natural and constant process. Every day we learn, we improve, we evolve. And the benefits of this growth are directly reflected in our products and services. Our choice is not only good for business, it is good for the planet too.
Garment covers
Tailor-made protection for high fashion

Garment covers are essential for protecting and enriching fine garments. Paimex makes its a high-end cases with the utmost care, combining functionality and style.

Paimex garment covers
Designed to protect the most precious garments
Paimex uses a wide range of fabrics, from natural to synthetic, according to their technical characteristics, sustainability and aesthetic performance as each garment requires a specific fabric that protects and enhances shapes and colors. With its in-depth knowledge of the options on the market, Paimex guides customers toward eco-friendly materials, low-impact production processes, and balanced solutions for performance, style, and cost.
Paimex garment covers
Between functionality and design
Paimex’s plus lies in blending functionality and design. A simple case becomes an object with a strong communicative impact, reflecting the allure of the brand and enhancing the garments. Quality materials, attention to workmanship and aesthetic taste: Paimex garment covers are the perfect packaging to enrich even the most exclusive garments.
Impeccable workmanship
Paimex’s expertise in fabric processing, with high-tech machinery and craftsmanship know-how, enables the production of high-quality cases. Durable stitching, careful detailing, fine finishing: each piece is crafted with the attention devoted to a high-fashion garment, to protect and celebrate the value of its contents.
Packaging garment covers
Couture tote bags
Open air elegance

Elegance and casual come together #enpleinair, our new couture mini collection that innovates the style of fabric bags for the outdoors. #enpleinair is a manifesto of simplicity, style and functionality that combines refined aesthetics and natural practicality. Perfect for the beach, ideal for strolling out of town, these bags are your passe-partout for your elegance anywhere. A touch of Tuscan creativity for elegance that knows no bounds.

Paimex borsa con il plaid
Paimex borsa con il plaid
Charming hat
Imagine a bag that doesn’t just hold, but displays a very classy hat. Our Cristianini 1919 signature Florentine straw hat tote bag is an ode to Tuscan craftsmanship and chic versatility. With its fresh, refined graphics and elegant hat accommodation, it is the perfect companion for your days on the most exclusive coasts.
Borsa con il cappello
Paimex borsa con il plaid
Stylish picnic
The second star of the collection is a bag that tells pleasant stories of relaxation. With its picnic blanket perfectly housed in the large outside pocket, it turns every outing into a classy en plein air experience. From the heavy cotton to the finest details, each element is designed for those who know that style doesn’t go on vacation, even in the mountains. It is your ally in turning every outdoor break into a moment of pure elegance.
Certified excellence

Certifications are a benchmark to ensure conformity and transparency of production processes. Paimex has embarked on a comprehensive certification path, encompassing all areas of business activity. A guarantee of quality for all our clients.

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 14001 certification
  • SA 8000 certification
  • FSC certification
  • GRS certification
  • GOTS certification
Paimex certificazioni
Packaging garment covers
A 360 Degree Commitment
Paimex boasts certifications for its commitment to excellence, such as ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, SA8000 for social responsibility and product certifications such as FSC, GOTS and GRS for guaranteeing eco-friendly materials and sustainable supply chains.
Beyond the formal milestone
For Paimex, certifications are not just an achievement, but the concretization of values such as transparency, ethics, and sustainability. Each certificate reflects a precise commitment, carried out with determination and consistency, to offer quality products while respecting the environment and workers.
Paimex production
A reliable and credible partner
Being certified for Paimex means assuming responsibility towards all stakeholders, demonstrating reliability and professionalism. In the luxury field, where brands pay attention to reputation and impact of choices, a certified supplier is an essential guarantee. Paimex has chosen certifications to be a partner aligned with the values and demands of the market.
A natural choice, an ongoing commitment

Sustainability is a commitment that Paimex has been pursuing with conviction for years. Not just a trend, but a corporate philosophy that permeates every aspect of the production activity, combining excellence with respect for the environment and people.

Paimex Sustainability
Paimex Sustainability
Investing in the future
Investing to reduce environmental impact, Paimex has made sustainability a priority. Renewable energy, optimization of water and energy consumption, waste reduction, material recovery and recycling systems: a 360-degree approach that embraces the entire supply chain, from the selection of raw materials to the disposal of products at the end of their life.
Value to people
Social sustainability is paid great attention at Paimex ‘s. The promotion of a safe, inclusive and stimulating work environment enable each person to express their skills to the fullest. Ongoing training, fair working conditions, protection of employees’ health and well-being: because product quality also passes through the quality of people.
Promoting the culture of sustainability
Paimex’s commitment goes beyond corporate boundaries. The company promotes a culture of sustainability among customers and suppliers, encouraging responsible and innovative practices. Through proper information and dialogue, Paimex supports brands in choosing low-impact materials and solutions, proposing green alternatives for every packaging need.
Paimex Sustainability
A path of responsibility
For Paimex, sustainability is not a goal, but a path made up of conscious choices, targeted investments, and attention to the needs of the planet and people. A path undertaken with the conviction that it can make a difference, for itself and for its customers, contributing to a better future for the entire fashion industry.