TheThe characteristicscharacteristics ofof excellence.excellence. A well-organised structure equipped with the best production technology, a comfortable working environment, a positive and stimulating operating climate, a highly professional workforce, passion and respect for its own work and that of the customer. This is the mix of characteristics that makes Paimex a point of reference for the fashion industry in the development and production of luxury fabric packaging.

Paimex production

SocialSocial responsibilityresponsibility isis aa benefitbenefit forfor everyone.everyone. The most valued resource for Paimex is its people, because they are custodians of expert craftsmanship handed down through the generations. And we will take care of them. We are SA 8000 certified but have always guaranteed respect for individuals and for regulations, health and safety, ongoing professional training and a comfortable workplace. We have invested a great deal and continue to do so because social responsibility is in our DNA and creates value.


At Paimex, we prefer to use naturally-sourced raw materials, recycled and sustainable materials. Our Development Department is available to always find the “greenest” technical and economic solution.


Mainly natural: cotton, GRS recycled or GOTS organic cotton, but also special fabrics made from Tencel fibre, nettle, mint, bamboo, hemp, lotus flower and seaweed. For the highest quality packaging: linen, silk and imperial sateen. The range of synthetics is also extensive: microfibre, polyester, nylon, viscose and mesh. The fabrics can also be promoted with special finishings such as gauze, frosting, brushing, WR and resin treatments to instil the most appropriate character. On request, we also develop packing on special media such as cork, neoprene and bio-based resinates.


Exclusive polyester thread, also in the GRS certified version, with varying resistance levels based on the type of product and performance required.


These vary according to the printing technology used, but are mainly for screen printing, sublimation and inkjet - all water-based.

Strings and drawcords

Strings and ribbons, also in GOTS or GRS certified versions, in natural fibres such as cotton and linen, synthetic in polypropylene, or in polyester with one side synthetic and the other cotton, smooth or coarse look, double satin ribbons, gloss and matt, in organza and rattail.

Accessories and finishings

From zips, also in the GRS certified version, to coulisse, velcro to buttons, handles to fine edging to the application of labels in any form, material and size... but also rhinestones, studs, embroidery and many other finishings: every detail chosen based on the functionality and degree of sophistication that the customer wishes to give to the packaging.


Paimex is known and recognised at international level for its highest quality fabric printing. Whether a simple screen-printed logo or an all-over print, the numerous technologies available to the company allow the use of the most effective printing method, but above all the ability and know-how of the workforce in making a difference.

UV screen printing

Five water-based colours in sequence with UV drying for precision to one-tenth of a millimetre and perfect print quality in plain-dyed, four-colour, metal-plated, mirrored and glitter effects.

Sublimation printing

Direct printing with water-based inks that offer equal penetration and combine in a stable manner with the fabric for a natural effect without equal.

Digital printing

Hexachrome plotter printing with water-based inks, especially indicated for basic, fast supplies.


The finishing and packaging departments are two more jewels in the crown for Paimex. This is where the bags are stitched and finished by expert, enthusiastic hands. The space where know-how and craftsmanship come together with the latest generation machinery to guarantee a high quality standard. Here the packaging takes on its final shape, then a strict quality control and it can move on to the logistics department, ready for just-in-time delivery to the most famous international brands.


Slip stitch, cut and sew, or invisible: the stitching technologies adopted are those best suited to the materials and the required performance and, first and foremost, always in line with the customer’s quality standards.


From an elegant label to rich edging, from highest quality leather inserts to badge holder pockets, and on up to rhinestones, seed pearls, sequins... When a bag has to be unique and high quality, we at Paimex set no limits on the creativity of our design offices.

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