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Tailor Pack

PaimexPaimex textiletextile packagingpackaging couture.couture. Tailor Pack is the maximum expression of our skills. Precise concept interpretation, original design development, selection of highest quality fabrics, selection of accessories and a painstaking eye for detail. Everything is pushed to maximum level to give an exclusive, couture quality product.

Paimex Tailor Pack
Paimex Tailor Pack
Paimex Tailor Pack
Paimex Tailor Pack
Smart Pack

Reduce,Reduce, reuse,reuse, recycle.recycle. For Smart Pack we need sound environment-friendly thinking, a pinch of creativity, a good dose of skills capacity, handfuls of know-how and a sprinkle of willingness to taste. This is a simple recipe for a circular economy that reduces raw materials consumption, uses up old stocks of materials or breathes new life into processing waste, to create smart packaging that is environment-friendly.

Paimex Smart Pack
Total Pack

AA questionquestion ofof Total Pack is the solution for those looking to maintain a style consistent with the mood of its fashion collection. Fabrics, accessories, decorations and finishings are outlined for every type of packaging that perfectly represents the style of your brand.

Paimex Approach

AA partnerpartner thatthat createscreates value.value. The value added of a partner like Paimex is expressed above all in its capacity to provide quality solutions to meet market needs. A unique combination of technical skills, master craftsmanship and industrialisation that goes beyond mere production packaging because it is blended with a profound awareness of customer needs in creating true value.

Design type

Preliminary analysis of the concept and any customer requirements

Research and development

Analysis of technical and production resources to be used in manufacturing


Samples are taken from part of the products for performance and quality testing


Mass production start-up through fast, sustainable procedures

Customer Service

Maximum care and attention in supporting our customers

Quality control

Process compliance controls

Shipping and logistics service

Fast and efficient shipping and delivery methods, meeting the times agreed with the customer