A journey featuring italian experience and excellence.

In 1977, the sole proprietorship “Paimex” was established with headquarters in Cerreto Guidi (Florence), Italy. Their business was the production of bags and cloths in natural and synthetic fabrics.

Paimex was selected by the best fashion brands for the production of excellent items, finely finished by hand, with the tailored quality that still distinguishes them.

Through important investments and by applying a consumer-centered philosophy and ethic rather than a turnover-based approach, Paimex managed to expand their client base abroad.

The upgrades to their production sites and the increasing number of logistics hubs lead Paimex to first focus heavily on certifications recognized at a European level then, later, worldwide. Certifications that guarantee and raise the new working standards.

The products increased to include shoppers, garment covers, tailored projects in very special, natural and modern materials, biocompatible materials and cork.

Currently the headquarters and productive hub cover 4000 m2 while the logistics centers located in various parts of Italy as well as all over the world, including China and Switzerland, bring together the efficiency and certified quality of Paimex through daily services and deliveries.

Research is the true driving force of innovation; real strength lies in ethics. This is why we are often sought after first.

We are partners, not simple suppliers.