Research and selection of materials and maximum attention to the customer: our priorities

The customer’s requirement is our priority, therefore professionalism and final satisfaction are indispensable in the definition of our work process. The customer first of all. The choice of the materials represents an additional element of value for us, therefore the attention on the quality of the article to be realized, from all points of view, represents a fundamental starting point.



Thanks to their philosophy, Paimex has always maintained the concept of sustainability at the center of their choices.

The concept of sustainability can be applied to several contexts, including:

  • environmental
  • economic
  • social

In the environmental context, Paimex considers sustainability an essential factor in guaranteeing the stability of an ecosystem, that is, the ability to maintain the ecological processes that occur within an ecosystem in the future.

Investments in photovoltaic systems, the presence of cleaning tanks, the trends toward eco-compatible materials, the lowering of waste levels and energy efficiency make Paimex a company with a completely sustainable approach.


Materials and production

The production is entirely “made in Italy”, based on Italian laws and featuring Italian attention to detail.

The materials are all carefully selected; they are materials that are specifically certified, materials that guarantee quality and that provide a product warrantee.

Production monitoring is entirely internal and is guaranteed by the use of IT systems pursuant to the latest regulations in terms of security.

We use screen-printing digital, continuous, hot stamping and relief printing techniques, among others.
All performed by cutting-edge machinery, built specifically for unique creations.

We range from cotton to rayon, from nonwoven fabric to satin, all the way to velvet, linen, hemp, jute, Tyvek and cork.

Concerning the latter material, keeping sustainability at the forefront, we have created and patented a unique material that is in increasingly high demand by many worldwide brands.