Special Projects

We turns ideas into Artwork

We think that sometimes stepping out of the box can produce a sensation, clamor, expectation, curiosity and lot of attention. And this is not bad for those who are able to stand on a stage.

So we have decided to create a new department dedicated to customers who need these types of initiatives, who need a company ready to meet the requirements of a dynamic customer.

This is how the “special projects” department was born.

You can provide us with the stock material that the customer has in their warehouses, such as limited edition shoes, bags, etc.; unconventional products that the customer uses.

This department has a particular focus on sustainability, as it is specifically aimed at lowering their departmental waste and the customer’s, even the waste produced by the customer at the premises of other companies.


One of the many services that makes Paimex stand out.

Availability, one of the many true values that Paimex has included in their philosophy



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